By Jeanette tan Follow | Public

Date/ Time
25 April, 2016 at 7pm - 8pm.

Golden Landmark Shopping Complex
390 Victoria Street, Singapore 188061.

Free Admission

Additional Information
Please bring along a device that can stream audio files (ie: smartphone or tablet), and a pair of earphones.


BARZAKH is a site-specific experiential tour of the Golden Landmark Shopping Complex, an overlooked body that exists at the crown of the axis of which Kampung Gelam is mapped. Though nonexistent in official accounts, the Golden Landmark is a gleaming mecca of untold stories—where the water feature now stands, a keramat (the grave of a Muslim saint) had once been laid. Tracing the undercurrents of these histories, Barzakh maps out a cosmology of the place, through imagined and actual narratives gathered about the mall. In touring the space, Barzakh reimagines the psychic potential of the Golden Landmark, informed and amplified by the spirit energies of the keramat.